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Renew a licence

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We will send you a licence renewal notice approximately six weeks before your licence expires. We send the notice to the last address that you provided to us.

If you need us to send you another copy of this form, or you think your form has been sent to the wrong address, please call us or write to our Industry Licensing Unit.

Once your licence has expired, it cannot be renewed. You will need to apply for a new licence.  You cannot work on an expired licence unless your renewal application is received by us on or before the expiry date of the licence.

Provided your renewal application has been received by us on or before the expiry date of the licence, you are able to continue performing the functions of a security provider until a decision to either grant or refuse your application is made. 

If your renewal application is not finalised by the expiry date of your licence, you should be able to produce your expired licence, along with evidence of payment of the renewal application in the form of a receipt issued by us.  This is sufficient evidence to indicate that you are currently licensed until a decision on your application is made.

If you require a receipt in these circumstances, please request one when the renewal application is lodged or call us.


The Security Providers Act 1993 now requires all security providers to be fingerprinted.

As an existing licensee, you will need to be fingerprinted when you first renew your licence, on or after 3 October 2011.

The process will be detailed in the renewal notice that you receive from us approximately six weeks before your licence expires.

It is important to note, while you remain licensed you will only need to be fingerprinted once, even if you apply for an additional security licence.

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Last reviewed 14/06/2012

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