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Update, change or renew a licence

  • Renew or restore your licence

    Find out how to renew or restore your old property licence. We will send you a licence renewal form, or you can ask us for a replacement copy.

  • Update your details

    You may sometimes need to update certain personal or professional details. Find out the process for changing details on your licence.

  • Transfer to a Queensland licence

    If you currently hold an individual motor industry licence for another Australian state or New Zealand, you can transfer it to a Queensland licence.

  • Conditional licences

    We may issue you a conditional licence, or change the conditions on your existing licence. Find out about adding, changing or removing conditions.

  • Replace your licence

    You must replace a lost, stolen or destroyed licence. Find out what to do if you need to apply for a replacement licence.

  • Deactivate or reactivate your licence

    You can deactivate your motor dealer licence when you aren’t working. Find out how to deactivate it, renew it as inactive and reactivate it later.

  • Ending your licence

    You can surrender your licence, or we can cancel or suspend it in some circumstances. Find out about surrendered, cancelled or suspended licences.

What’s changing

These new laws will come into effect later in 2014:

Until then, you will still need to follow the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 and regulations.

The new law will reduce red tape for your business.

Find out about the full changes or read the relevant pages in this section.

Last updated
1 July 2014

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