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Private investigator

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A private investigator:

You are not a private investigator if you operate for or are employed by:

Apply for a licence

To apply, you must:


All security providers must be fingerprinted by the Queensland Police Service. After you´ve lodged your application, you will receive a letter from us that details the process for having your fingerprints taken.


To be eligible for a licence, you must:

Training requirements for a new licence

To qualify for an unrestricted private investigator licence, you must successfully complete the following units of competency from the National Asset Security Training Package.

Training package change

The CPP07 Property Services Training Package has replaced the former PRS03 Asset Security Training Package.

From 31 December 2010, if you commence the Certificate II or Certificate III in Security Operations, you must be trained and assessed in accordance with the CPP07 Training Package.

We will not recognise, for security licensing purposes, a training qualification from the PRS03 Training Package issued after 31 December 2010.

You can get information on training providers who offer this course in Queensland, by visiting

Further training and career information can be found on the Education and training portal.

Registered training organisations

You can select a registered training organisation from the list at

Restricted licence

You can apply for a restricted licence. This licence allows you to complete your training requirements while working under the direct supervision of a fully licensed security provider.

A restricted licence is issued for a term of six months only. After the term ends, you cannot apply for an extension. You must complete the training requirements and apply for an unrestricted licence within six months.

Direct supervision of restricted licence holders

A private investigator supervisor must:

Criminal history checks

Applicants must undergo a criminal history check to confirm their suitability.

The criminal history check costs $38.40 (which includes $1.13 GST) for each person who appears on the application form. The fee applies to all applications and renewal notices.

Processing time

Processing time is 4-6 weeks. However, it can take longer if we need to contact you for missing information or fees.

The processing time may be up to six weeks because the criminal history check process, handled by the Queensland Police Service, is thorough and time consuming.

Send certified documents

Take the original document and a copy to a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, solicitor, barrister or a Notary Public. They will stamp and/or sign the copy and write ´This is a true copy of the original document´.

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General has a list of JPs in your area. Otherwise, contact your local post office, courthouse, bank, shopping centre manager or pharmacy who may be able to advise on the location of local JPs.

Please note that a photocopy is not a certified document.


Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a partial refund if you withdraw your application or it is refused. We will also refund any unused criminal history check fees or fingerprinting fees.

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Last reviewed 25/02/2013

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