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Scams and fraud

  • Common scams

    Find out what sorts of common scams are out there. Learn to recognise and avoid these scams.

  • Report a scam

    Tell us if you’ve been the victim of a scam or you spot a scam. Your information could help us catch the scammer and protect other people.

  • Protect yourself

    Because scams don’t always come from within Australia, it’s hard for the law to protect you. Find some practical tips to protect yourself from scams and fraud.

  • Online security

    Online security is more important than ever. Find out how to be safe from scams, fraud and identity theft when you browse, use social networking sites or shop online.

  • Protect your business

    Scams and fraud can affect everyone. Learn how to protect your business.

Current alerts

Scams targeting Queenslanders
We get a lot of reports about current scams targeting Queenslanders. Find out what scams are out there and how to avoid them.

Businesses and traders to avoid
We can warn the public or name traders who we strongly believe to be breaking the law. You should avoid doing business with these traders.


An Australian Government website.
Stay Smart Online
An Australian Government website.
Identity security
An Australian Government website.
The Little Black Book of Scams
The Australian Government publishes this booklet.
Identity theft safety test
Try this online test to see how safe you are from identity theft (ID theft).
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1 July 2014

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