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Safety initiatives

  • Baby slings

    Baby slings are made out of soft fabric and are used to carry babies. Be careful when using baby slings and follow the TICKS rule for baby sling safety.

  • Bunk beds

    Bunk beds can save space in your children’s bedrooms, but they aren’t as safe as single beds. Follow these 7 easy steps for bunk bed safety.

  • Furniture safety

    Young children love to climb, but unstable furniture can pose a big risk. Follow these 7 easy steps to help make your furniture stable and secure.

  • Blind and curtain cords

    Low-hanging cords can be a strangling risk for a child. Follow these 7 easy steps for blind and curtain cord safety, and order your free safety tassels.

  • Cots

    Always make sure that your baby stays safe when they’re sleeping in their cot. Follow these 7 easy steps for your baby’s safe sleep.

  • Portable cots

    Always be careful about how and when you set up a portable cot for your baby. Follow these 7 easy steps to portable cot safety.

  • Ladders

    Always make sure your ladder is stable, secure and safe before climbing. Follow these 7 easy steps for using a ladder safely.

  • Prams and strollers

    Make sure your child stays safe when they’re in their pram or stroller. Follow these 7 easy steps to prams and stroller safety

  • Trampolines

    Most children love jumping on a trampoline, but you need to make sure it’s safe for them to use. Follow these 7 easy steps to trampoline safety.

  • Holiday accommodation

    Make sure you choose safe holiday accommodation for you and your family. Follow these 7 easy steps to a safe holiday.

  • Car jacks

    Car jacks can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to use them correctly. Make sure that you understand car jack safety before trying to work with one.

  • Recovery straps

    Recovery straps can pull a bogged vehicle to safety, but they can be unsafe if used incorrectly. Follow these 7 easy steps to use recovery straps safely.

  • Hair straighteners

    Hair straighteners are a major cause of childhood burns. Find out how to protect your children from serious injury while you use your hair straightener.

  • Treadmills

    Treadmills are popular as home exercise devices, but they can present a risk for you and your children. Find out about the 7 easy steps for treadmill safety.

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