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Running an incorporated association > Management committee

Management committee

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The management committee is ultimately responsible for the operation of the incorporated association.

The rules of your incorporated association must set out the membership and powers of the committee. The rules of your incorporated association must also set out provisions for the management committee including:

Management committee members

The management committee must have at least three members. The committee must include the offices of President and Treasurer (one person cannot be both President and Treasurer). All incorporated associations must have a Secretary and many choose to include this position on the management committee.

All members of the management committee must be 18 years of age or older and the model rules state that they must also be a member of the incorporated association. The Secretary must be a resident of Queensland or be living within 65 km of the Queensland border, however there is no such requirement for other committee members. A person is ineligible for election to the management committee if they have been convicted on indictment, imprisoned (and the rehabilitation period under the Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 has not expired) or are bankrupt.

Should an any committee member's position become vacant, the management committee may either hold an election or choose an individual to act in this position until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) where an election must be called to fill the vacancy permanently. You must notify us of any changes to the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer within one month of the vacancy occurring by lodging Association Incorporation Form 10a - Change of details relating to an incorporated association (PDF, 271 KB).

Accountability of the management committee

One of the advantages of being incorporated is that personal liability is limited. However, management committee members still have a duty to the incorporated association. This means they may be held accountable if they:

If a management committee does not fulfil its reporting requirements, we may issue a show cause notice asking the incorporated association to provide reasons why its registration should not be cancelled.

Electing the management committee

The committee must be elected at a general meeting (usually the AGM) and in accordance with your incorporated association´s rules.

Members may nominate candidates. Election may be by show of hands or by written ballot. Ballot papers should be collected and counted by two members who are not nominated, and the results announced to the meeting.

Responsibilities of management committee members

The management committee is responsible for managing the affairs of an incorporated association and has several responsibilities under law.

An incorporated association management committee must:

In addition, members of the committee should:

The rules of the incorporated association may set out additional obligations and specific restrictions on the power of the committee. As a result, each member of the committee should be familiar with the incorporated association´s rules and any obligations under those rules.

Office bearers

The President chairs the management committee and will also play a major role in the incorporated association´s meetings. Under the model rules, the President is required to chair all meetings they attend. If the President cannot attend a meeting for any given reason, another member of the management committee can be nominated as chair.

The Secretary is primarily responsible for managing the records of the incorporated association. The Secretary will also:

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the incorporated association. The Treasurer will:

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Last reviewed 24/06/2013

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