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A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily join together to meet common economic, social and cultural needs and goals through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. It may provide goods or services to its members, like rural cooperatives, or the public.

What is a cooperative?
Types of cooperatives, what they do and advantages to being involved in one.

Registering a cooperative
How to register a cooperative, including creating the rules, drafting a disclosure statement, holding a formation meeting and setting active membership guidelines.

Operating a cooperative
Important aspects of operating a cooperative, including the board of directors, votes and resolutions, financial management, reporting requirements, changing the rules and dispute resolution processes.

Fair Trading´s role
Our role in helping you register, operate and wind up a cooperative.

Searching the register
Fair Trading maintains a public register of registered cooperatives.

Winding up a cooperative
You can wind up a cooperative voluntarily, or Fair Trading or the Supreme Court can wind it up.

Cooperatives forms
Application forms and cooperatives rules.

Cooperatives National Law
Although the Queensland Government has withdrawn from the Australian Uniform Co-operative Laws Agreement, it intends to implement a consistent co-operatives law.

Last reviewed 15/03/2013

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