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Consumer rights and responsibilities

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As a consumer, you have legal rights when you purchase goods and services in Australia. Goods and services must meet certain standards and, in some cases, you may be legally entitled to a refund if these standards are not met.

Guarantees, warranties and refunds
The law automatically provides you with certain guarantees on goods and services, so that you are protected if you purchase faulty goods or services.

Sales practices
Businesses sell their goods and services in many ways. Consumers are protected by law from some types of sales practices.

Shop smart
Tips for budgeting, smart shopping, and safe online shopping.

Avoiding unfair business practices
How to avoid business practices that are unfair to consumers, and where to report problems.

Credit and finance
Tips for consumers on credit, debt, credit cards, payday lending, going guarantor and getting help in hardship.

Business legitimacy
We can not tell you if a business you are dealing with is legitimate, but there are several ways you can protect yourself. Includes information for consumers about businesses in liquidation.

Get at least three quotes before buying any expensive item. Make sure you read and understand all contract terms before signing.

Consumer groups
Information for youth, low income earners and people from a non-English speaking background.

Training services
If you are considering using a training service, ensure you research what the training services offer and if they are legitimate. The Department of Education, Training and Employment has developed a checklist to assist you in researching training services.

Bag checks
Many retailers conduct bag checks to control theft. The retailer may ask you to present bags, parcels, containers and prams for checking by a member of staff before you leave the shop.

Last reviewed 29/11/2013

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