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Check your application's progress

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How long will my application or registration take?

Your application will take longer to process if we have to contact you for missing information or fees.

You cannot conduct business until you receive your licence or registration certificate.

Why does it take this long?

If your application includes a criminal history check, the processing time may be up to six weeks because the criminal history check process, handled by Queensland Police, is thorough and time consuming.

If your application does not require a criminal history check, the processing time for your application will be shorter.

How will I know that my application or registration is being processed?

We start processing your application once you pay your fees. Check your bank statement for debits or cleared cheque payments.

How can I make the process quicker?

Ensure you complete the application form correctly and include all fees.

Make sure that any documents you send us are certified copies of the original.

Each form has a checklist at the end to make the process easier.

Why was my application or registration form returned to me?

If your application is incomplete, we will send it back to you for completion.

We will stamp the application to indicate what information we need. If we don´t receive your completed application within 60 days, we will refund your fees and you will need to apply again.

Completing your application or registration

Before you send your application or registration form to us, check that you have:

After six weeks

If you haven´t received anything from us after six weeks, please call us.

When you call us, please have with you:

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Last reviewed 28/05/2012

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