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Check a charity or association

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Searching the Queensland Charities and Associations Online Register will provide a quick indication about whether a charity is registered to fundraise in Queensland or if an association is incorporated in Queensland.

The free facility identifies organisations listed under the following Acts:

Note: Charities such as religious denominations, Parents and Citizens Associations and hospital foundations are not required to be registered to fundraise in Queensland. Community groups and individuals authorised by a registered charity to collect on its behalf will not appear on this register.

If you require more specific information about a charity or an incorporated association, such as a copy of its annual returns or an extract or certificate, call our Registration Services branch to request the documents. To check if a charity is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient, visit

Search hints and tips

The register is updated daily and provides details about the organisation name, number and postcode.

The prefix in the organisation number refers to:

Condition of use: As a user of this online search facility, you acknowledge that this service will not be used to process bulk requests for marketing purposes.

Please note: The Queensland Charities and Associations Online Register may generate an error message in some web browsers. If you experience a  problem with the online register email us with your enquiry.

Data obtained using this facility is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as evidence in legal proceedings.

Queensland Charities and Associations Online Register

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Last reviewed 18/06/2012

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