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Uncollected goods

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Goods are considered uncollected if a customer leaves them for more than six months after you told the customer they were ready.

You must prominently display a sign in your business premises with the following wording:

The Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967 covers inspection, custody, storage, repair and other treatment of goods. Under this Act, uncollected goods may be sold six months after the date on which they were ready for collection.

If a customer fails to pay the charges, or collect or take delivery of the goods after six months, you can sell the goods to recover costs, such as reasonable storage, advertising and insurance costs incurred while the goods remained uncollected.

You must place an advertisement in a statewide and local newspaper that describes the goods and states your intention to sell them. If the goods remain uncollected 28 days after advertising, you can sell them at public auction.

After you have recovered your costs, you must pay all excess money to the customer. If the excess money remains unclaimed after 14 days, you must pay it to the Public Trustee.

We recommend that you seek legal advice before you sell or dispose of uncollected goods.

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Last reviewed 28/11/2011

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