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Fundraise without forming a charity

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We can issue a sanction authorising one-off charitable appeals.

The appeal may be for a charitable organisation wishing to conduct a one-off appeal in Queensland, or may be a group of individuals wishing to provide assistance to an individual in distress.

The organisation does not need to register as a charity but must provide:

A sanction may also be granted to approve one-off charitable fundraising appeals where there is no constitutional document. For example, we may grant a sanction if a group of concerned people wish to help someone who desperately needs a wheelchair. The appeal must only be for a short duration (less than six months) and the funds must be dispersed during or at the end of the appeal.

An alternative to obtaining a sanction is to conduct the appeal through a service club such as Lions, Rotary or Apex. These organisations should already hold a sanction authorising them to conduct the appeal. However, the club must conduct the appeal, then must include the income and expenditure as part of their financial accounts. The club must decide whether to assist you with the appeal.

Apply for a sanction to fundraise for a charitable purpose for a limited time

To apply for authorisation to conduct a charitable fundraising appeal, such as for an individual in distressed circumstances:

A bank account must be opened in the name of the appeal. At least two people not related to each other or the beneficiary must operate this account.

There is no fee to lodge this application.

Authorising appeals

Your organisation´s governing body, or a person authorised by the governing body, must authorise all fundraising appeals in writing. The authority must contain the name of the person making the appeal and any conditions on the authority.

During the appeal, the name of the charity or sanctioned organisation and the fact that it is registered under the Act must be stated at all times when making the appeal. Where a sanction has been granted and there is no constitutional document, the promoters of the appeal will be named on the sanction certificate.

These people are authorised to conduct the appeal and may authorise other persons to fundraise, provided they do so in writing.

After expiry of sanction

Once the sanction ends, send us:

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Last reviewed 20/08/2013

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