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Amber teething necklace

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The Office of Fair Trading has received reports of an increase use of amber teething necklaces.

The necklaces consist of rounded amber chips which are a fossilised tree resin and range in colour from yellow to white, beige to brown. They have been worn for many centuries to reduce teething pain. The product is not meant to be chewed by the infant but instead worn against the skin.

The product claims the skin´s warmth releases very small amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and helps calm the infant.

The necklace can pose two potential hazards from strangulation and choking. Strangulation may occur if the infant has the amber teething necklace permanently fastened around their neck, especially when they are sleeping. A choking hazard may occur if the necklace breaks and releases the small beads.

What you should do:

The Office of Fair Trading is unable to state whether the therapeutic claims for these types of teething necklaces are true and therefore does not support the use of these products.

For more information contact the Product Safety unit.


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Last reviewed 03/07/2013

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