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  • National occupational licensing

    National licensing is not going ahead, but we are still looking to help labour mobility for licence holders. Find out about the state of discussions.

  • Bunk bed safety

    You can access our archived information about bunk bed safety in short-term rental accommodation. These safety standards now apply.

  • Incorporated associations

    Find our review and consultation archives on the laws for operating incorporated associations in Queensland. These papers are now closed.

  • Management rights of residential and holiday accommodation

    You can access our archived discussion paper on management rights in residential and holiday accommodation. This paper is now closed.

  • Gift cards

    You can access our archived issues paper that looked at problems with gift cards. This paper is now closed.

  • Debt collection

    You can access our archived discussion paper on options for nationally consistent rules for debt collection. This paper is now closed.

  • Two-lot body corporate (duplex) schemes

    You can access our archived consultation paper on simplifying the process for managing duplex-style bodies corporate. This paper is now closed.

  • Business names

    The national business name register is now active. The Australian Government handled the consultation for this project, which is now closed.

  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

    The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) has come into effect. Find out how these changes impact on loans and securities.

  • Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

    The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was introduced around Australia in 2011. Find out what it is and what types of activities the laws regulate.

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1 July 2014

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